day 23: i don’t care, and i never did

being black and not having a socialist mindset will always play against me in any argument. for what i’ve heard i am a sellout, an uncle tom, a coon, and other cool names.

the crazy thing is, these attacks always came from people that are anti-racists. people that have these big talks about a fair world. people that say stuff about being united.

and they are pretty good at keeping that peace & love mask until you give them a different opinion. usually, you catch them off guard.

because of your complexion, there are things that are expected of you. and if you don’t embrace them there is something wrong with your black ass. (excuse my French)

i don’t know, i always thought that the world was more than pure collectivism.

we live in a society but we don’t have to think like one. that’s the beauty — real diversity of ideas.

this brings me to another issue, the word diversity has a whole different new meaning.

we now live in the book 1984. words, facts, and the real world; all subverted to a point that nothing more holds its original meaning.

you can miss me with all these crazy non-sense, as a libertarian, i used to argue a lot about politics on the internet. now i just want to be left alone.

I drink coffee all day long hoping to be awake when the hard work pays off.