day 17: the greatest con

Foto de Maria Orlova no Pexels

Harari says in his book, Sapiens, that agriculture was one of the humanities greatest con. we thought that we were being clever by growing our own food but then we got domesticated.

besides the domestication of our species, we lost in terms of life quality.

this affirmation may be true. or should i say, half-true?

there is a greatest con out here, and most of us entertain with it without any worries, until it is too late.


alcohol is such a great con that it managed to fool the entire world, we all bought into this idea of it being social.

we all participate in this ritual of drinking our poison with smiles, laughs, and endless fun.

the next day we swear that we will never drink again. but we all know that we are lying.

when we are under influence we are capable of doing foolish things. things that perhaps we wouldn’t dare to do when we are sober.

sure we have good times. to counterbalance them we accumulate a lot of regrets as well. sometimes i remember stuff that makes me blush.

and when you are ashamed of yourself, even disgusted by it, that can’t be good.

i am not even talking about the health issues, the cloudy mind, and all the other bad stuff that comes with years and years of alcohol consumption.

this is where the fun stops.

you can’t con an honest man. if this saying is correct that makes of me a dishonest man for seeing the con, and still let myself being bamboozled by it.

but not for long i hope.

here is to the dry days to come.

I drink coffee all day long hoping to be awake when the hard work pays off.