i have this fascination with my own mortality. and fascination is the euphemism that i use to replace the word fear if i am being honest with you.

don’t get me wrong, i don’t fear death per se. my fear is to live in vain — as the bible says in Ecclesiastes 1:14:

“I saw all the works that were done under the sun, And look! everything was futile, a chasing after the wind”

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if humans were as rationals as we portray ourselves to be, i would hate books. reading should be a traumatic experience in my life.

yes, i was born to do drama. but let me explain what i mean with my introductory phrase.

it was one of these hell-like summers that are old news for a country that seats in the equatorial line. and heat makes people lose their patience as fast as a woke person will use the “literally Hitler” card on an internet debate.

when you are 9 years old, you are young, stupid, full of energy. my cousin…

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our brain like stories. not any story, it has to be a great one. a sequence of events that makes perfect sense, and that has a happy ending.

even rebels like Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan are obliged by this rule. they tell stories out of sequence, random events that are all tied up in the end. doesn’t matter how crazy the premise is — looking at you TeNeT.

the level of satisfaction and relaxation that our brain enters when the story makes sense, is unexplainable.

which is counterintuitive, we should be better at understanding non-linear events, and…

The trouble with you is… You don’t seem to understand what love is about. You young punks go to the movies a couple of times do a little necking and you think you’re in love — Bob

pop culture has gone into two extremes — on one hand, love is the sacred thing in the whole world. you would be lucky if you ever feel it in your lifetime.

on the other…

FINALLY! this is the word that describes my state of mind today. after 30 days of writing atomic essays.

don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed this thing. everyday i had to come with something fresh to talk about.

somedays i would feel like the great Fernando Pessoa himself. sharp with words, creating sequences that would marvel even the one writing these words.

other days i would feel like i’ve passed my literacy test by a close margin. putting 5 words in sequence to form a sentence was more painful than watching a Twitter debate.

but even in those days where…

every country that fought for its freedom always paid the price in blood. i may be lying here, Cabo Verde didn’t.

July the fifth of nineteen seventy-five was the day that my country became independent. on paper at least.

i say that because like a criminal taking a deal, we never paid with our skin. the fight took place far from home — Guinea Bissau — and there isn’t a registry of any casualties from our side. unless we count Amilcar Cabral, of course.

i will not discuss the history of this independence day. i am more worried about a…

it doesn’t matter which day of the week it is, we will always feel that we have more burden than we bargained for. the to-do list is never shorter — au contraire, it seems like we should be on Guinness book for the longer list ever.

most of the time we only can blame ourselves for being in this predicament. pure laziness, poor time management, lack of knowledge to complete the task at hand. like our to-do list, our motives are vast as well.

but that is not always the case, sometimes we are in the zone. doesn’t matter what…

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somewhere in my past, it is August. i don't know the exact year. the smell of the earth and the sound of rain outside are unforgettable. rain will always bring peace and happiness to any Cape Verdean.

it is not quite difficult to retain this memory because the rain in Cabo Verde is not something that common.

few days during an entire year, if the rain decides to pay us a visit on that year. which is a big if.

this is where my confusion lies. why the people of this country pray for the rain and believe that agriculture…

“how did you learn to write?” — this is a question i face every now and then. i don’t see myself as a great writer. otherwise, i would be known for my writing by now.

but since different people have made the same question, maybe i am onto something. and after i break it down, you will see that i am just a hack, nothing more.

i copy and update my style from authors that i read and enjoy. it is that simple. after a while you stop copying because you already found your style.

i remember that when i…

i have this theory that we as humans don’t value simple stuff. as if simplicity was an insult to our intelligence. or we need to feel challenged to value something.

whatever the reason may be, we should start reviewing it.

while we overcomplicate, there are people out there making millions of dollars because they simplify.

i confess that i am one of those people who loves the obscurantism of knowledge. especially because i work as a marketer.

everyday a new hot framework full of extra steps that will ramp up revenue higher than a skyscraper.

a new tool that will…

Nuno Sancha

I drink coffee all day long hoping to be awake when the hard work pays off.

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